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Roll Racing is all about having fun while racing your mates in a safe environment. We have designed the day to have as much track time and runs as possible and there are limited entries available for all rounds.

Round 2
Sat 2 July 2022
Pukekohe Park Raceway

Gates Open 10am
Racing starts 11am-2:30pm

Please note, to get infeild, the track gate opens on the hour for 5 minutes only. Please arrive with plenty of time.

Spectators: $20
Roll Racing: $110

Spectator tickets available at the gate.


Competitor Information


We have 2 classes to compete in.


All vehicles can also run in our exhibition Import vs V8 showdown.

How to Roll Race

The concept is simple, you’re paired up with another vehicle in the staging lanes. You both start off on a rolling start, and when the flag drops, it’s a race to the finish line. There are a few rules involved so we will go through them here.

The vehicle on the right side sets the pace, we suggest around 40kmph max as you’re rolling up to the start. If you’re on the left side, it’s your job to keep up but do not pass until the starter drops the flag.

During practice sessions, everyone returns back around to race again, however during competition, only the winner will return until we crown the champion for each class.

Roll Racing is all about having a well setup car that can get the power to the ground correctly. You don’t need the most HP or biggest tyres to win but that definitely helps!


To ensure a fair and enjoyable event, we have a few rules to follow:

  • Right Hand racer is the lead vehicle.
  • Roll up speed is recommended at 40kmph (maximum 50kmph)
  • Left car must keep up. 
  • Boost Slingshot or 2 stepping is not allowed, you should be cruising to the start. If the starter catches you doing this, you will be disqualified.
  • Jumping the start will lead to being disqualified. The spotters and starters decision is final.
  • Once eliminiations start, you are NOT allowed to go back into the pits. You must continue back around without making adjustments to your car. Practise and Grudge racing prior to eliminations are for setting your vehicle up correctly. If you do not return right away, you forfeight your race and it counts as a loss.

To ensure you fly through Safety Checklist on the day, please go through your car prior to the day. 


NO scatter shields/blankets required for Rotaries.

Safety Gear Required:
- Helmet
- Neck Foam
- Single Layer Racesuit

Need a Racesuit or Neck Foam? Visit the Prowear store to grab one today!

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Must be a Registered Entrant (online or on the day)
  • Radial tyres ONLY no cross ply tyres 
  • No Front Runners (Minimum 185mm Tread width)
  • No oil, fuel or water leaks
  • Convertibles must run a roll bar
  • Current driver’s license
  • No wheelie bars
  • No methanol
  • Must run an exhaust with a muffler attached


Passengers are welcome under two conditions. They must have the same safety gear that's required above. Vehicles must have a full cage that is either MSNZ approved or Tech Inspected.




Round 1: Pukekohe Winners


Round 3: Hampton Downs Winners


Round 2: Ruapuna Winners


Final Round: Pukekohe Winners

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