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Roll Racing - Saturday 4th May 2024 at Meremere Dragway

Link ECU / Spec Performance Roll Race NZ 


Friday 23 February 2024
Napa Auto Parts Dragway 

Chrome Expression Session
1-3 March 2024

Saturday 4 May 2024
Napa Auto Parts Dragway 

Chrome Horsepower Festival
2-4 August 2024
Hampton Downs 

4 & Rotary Champs
17 November 2024


Turbo 4WD

Driver Car R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
Ajay Kumar 2SNJNR 1997 Mitsi Mirage 5 5 3     13
James Wildon 40PSO Nissan GTR     5     5
Matt Miller 1993 Nissan GTR 3         3
Sean Binnema EGOKLA Nissan R32 GTR   3       3


Driver Car R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
Jamie Ali 2015 Holden Clubsport 5         5
Benji Snedon MUKKA Mazda RX7   5       5
Hayden Marshall 1991 Mazda RX7     5     5
Karl Hitchcock 2006 BMW M5 3         3
Josh Burgess Mazda RX7   3       3
Abishek Sharma 2005 Holden Commodore     3     3

Turbo 2WD

Driver Car R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
Mazin Shalash 1981 Mazda 323 Wagon 5   5     10
Erin Cooke SAKER   5       5
Justin Weir 2019 Challenger Hellcat Redeye 3         3
Logan Harris Mercedes C63S AMG   3       3
Krish Shankaran 2015 Holden Commodore     3     3


Driver Car R1 R3 R5 Total
Faiz Mansur Honda CBR 1000 5     5
Laurie Vercoe BMW S1000RR   5   5
David Hoeta 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa 3     3
Tony Higgins Suzuki Hayabusa   3   3

*Motorcycles are only able to run at Meremere Dragway - we do not run a full championship for this class.

In the case of a tie, if both entrants are at the final round, a shootout will take place - best out of 3 will determine final places (if time allows).
If both entrants aren't at the final round but have raced together at an earlier round (e.g. Round 3), the results of that earlier round will determine final places.
If both entrants aren't at the final round and haven't raced together, any prizes will be split between the two entrants.



Win = 5 points. Runner up = 3 points. Participation = 1 point when needed for a tiebreaker. In the case of a series tie - if time allows and both drivers are at the final round, we may run a final shootout to determine the overall series winner.




Jon Pepelow BOSGTR Nissan GTR


Ajay Kumar 2SNJNR Mitsubishi Mirage


Ricky Poa KNGHIT Mitsubishi Evo


James 40PSI Nissan GTR



Roll Race NZ Rules & Regs



Joshua Burgess Mazda RX7 LS


Zac Coffey Mazda RX2


Robbie Longley Mazda 808


SPEC Nissan S14


Leon Davis  Commodore


Bryn Playford Holden VL Calais


Competitor Information


How to Roll Race

The concept is simple, you’re paired up with another vehicle in the staging lanes. You both start off on a rolling start, and when the flag drops, it’s a race to the finish line. There are a few rules involved so we will go through them here.

The vehicle on the right side sets the pace, we suggest around 40kmph max as you’re rolling up to the start. If you’re on the left side, it’s your job to keep up but do not pass until the starter drops the flag.

During practice sessions, everyone returns back around to race again, however during competition, only the winner will return until we crown the champion for each class.

Roll Racing is all about having a well setup car that can get the power to the ground correctly. You don’t need the most HP or biggest tyres to win but that definitely helps!


N/A (Naturally Aspirated)

Turbo 2WD (Any power add-on)

Turbo 4WD (Any power add-on)

Bikes (Meremere Dragway rounds only)

To ensure you fly through our Safety Checklist on the day, please go through your vehicle prior to the day.

Vehicle Requirements:

- Must be a Registered Entrant (online or on the day)
- Radial tyres ONLY no cross ply tyres or slicks.
No Front Runners (Minimum 185mm Tread width)
- No oil, fuel or water leaks
- Convertibles must run a roll bar
- Current driver’s license
- No wheelie bars
- No methanol

NO WOF OR REG NEEDED! NO scatter shields/blankets required for Rotaries.

At Meremere rounds - your vehicle needs to be up to WOF standard however a WOF isn't required.

Safety Requirements:

Helmet - Full enclosed Motorsport approved.
Foam Neck Brace or FHR Brace (such as HANS or similar). *NOT REQUIRED FOR MEREMERE
Single Layer Race Suit -  SFI or FIA (no overalls).*NOT REQUIRED FOR MEREMERE

Meremere opperates with standard Drag Wars rules in regards to safety. While not required, we recommend all of the above.
Parachutes are welcome for any cars that need to use to stop.

Need a Racesuit or Neck Foam? Visit the Prowear store to grab one today!


Motorcycles are only allowed at our Meremere Round. You must have a current road licence and use radial tyres (no cross-ply or slicks). Standard Drag Wars rules apply.

Roll Race NZ Rules & Regs

All drivers must have a full licence for all rounds except Meremere which only requires a Restricted Licence.

Safety Equipment
Helmet - Full enclosed Motorsport approved.
Foam Neck Brace or FHR Brace (such as HANS or similar). *NOT REQUIRED FOR MEREMERE
Single Layer Race Suit -  SFI or FIA (no overalls).*NOT REQUIRED FOR MEREMERE
Parachutes are welcome for any cars that need to use to stop.

Vehicles with visible fluid leaks are prohibited from competition.
All Vehicles must pass the safety check on the day to be eligible to race. 

Racing Regulations
The following procedures and regulations will be followed at all Roll Race NZ events. Track official's decisions are final.

Changing Cars
Once the competitor has completed their Registration and Safety Check, no changes of class or vehicle are permitted.

Damaged Cars
If a car is damaged or has a minor problem after it pulls into the staging lanes, the car will be permitted to make the run (at the Official’s discretion), but repairs must be made before the next round. NOTE: The damage must have occurred in the lanes or on the track, and not before the car pulled into the lanes. An unsafe car will be disqualified.

Line / Boundary Crossing
Any vehicle that touches any outer track lines will be disqualified. This includes any portion of your tyre touching the painted line surface, including pit blend lines. Decorative painting on the track, or lines such as starting grids are not included. This may differ between track surfaces, so check the surface before racing and ask officials if you have any questions.

Crossing the centre line at any point between the start and finish line is a disqualification.

Any contact with guard railings, barriers, or track fixtures (i.e. lights tree) before, during or after the race is also grounds for disqualification. Any damage to the track, including grass, walls, surfaces may be charged back to you.

All runs will stand, except interruptions caused by electrical failure or weather. Cars will run in the order they are paired. This includes qualifying and eliminations. Lane choice will not change on the re-run, unless otherwise agreed between both racers.

Track officials have the final say. On a rare occasion where a winner is not instantly recognisable, officials may wish to re-run the race.

Once the racing competition starts, no racer is able to go back into the pits to make any changes to the vehicle, tune, refill etc. Any racer who does will be instantly disqualified. Make sure you run with enough fuel to carry you through to the finals.

Practice/Grudge Racing
Before the competition or qualifying begins, take the time to setup your car for the track conditions, and ensure your brakes are up to scratch for the track as some braking distances may vary track to track. This is also when you can line up your mates for some fun. 

All racers will be called to grid by the staging area over PA. Any vehicles not at the grid when racing commences will be disqualified. Any vehicles left unattended in the Grid or Staging Lanes will also be disqualified. Once a vehicle reaches the Staging Lanes for a run, it must be prepared to race, no matter who your opponent. If one of the vehicles fails to start when signalled by staging Official, it will be given 30 seconds to start before being disqualified.

The two vehicles will meet Officials at the pre-staging starting point.
Officials will look for a visual ready from both drivers (thumbs up or headlight flash).
When both drivers are ready, the Official will give drivers an arm drop to begin the staging process.

Both drivers will proceed down track through the Starting Zone.
The driver in the RIGHT lane is the “Pace Car”. The driver in the LEFT lane will make every attempt to keep their bumper even with the bumper of the car in the left lane, without passing. 
The driver in the RIGHT lane will set the pace, we recommend around 40kmph until they get the green light, which indicates the start of the race. This is when both drivers can go full throttle.

The Starting Zone
The Starting zone will be indicated by a set of cones.
• Both cars will enter the starting zone and accelerate to around 40km. The vehicle on the right side sets the pace so it's the left vehicle's responsibility to keep up without passing the right side vehicle until the lights change.
• The starting light can turn green ANYTIME in this zone.
• Once the light switches to green, that indicates the start of the race.
• Races are heads up. First vehicle to the finish line wins the race.
• If the light never switches from red to green, this is an indication of a false start.
• DO NOT SPEED DOWN THE TRACK IF YOU DO NOT SEE A GREEN LIGHT. During a false start, both racers will proceed down the track and return to the pre-stage area to immediately re-run the race.
• If you jump the start, you will automatically loose the race.

Slingshotting during a Roll Race is illegal. Slingshot is when a car purposely lags behind to gain momentum (and higher RPM for boosted applications) at the start of the race. If you are accused of Slingshot on a race you have won, the race will be considered a false start. The race will not count, and you will receive your 1st warning. You will have to rerun the race. If time is limited, you may automatically loose the race. The 2nd violation will have you completely removed from competition.

Track officials decision is final. If a driver disagrees with the track officials call, the driver must immediately make their appeal to the head Official within 5 minutes of the race ending. Only the driver can appeal, not anyone on their behalf. 

Semi Finals and Finals
Before the Semi Finals and Finals, competitors are able to go into the pits for 5 mins to make any changes. If you are not back out on track within 5 minutes, you will be disqualified and loose your position in the Semi Finals or Finals. No excuses.

Finals will be run in a best of 3 format. Racers will swap lanes after the first race. If it's a tie after the second race, a coin flip will determine who picks which lane for the 3rd and final race.

If the first 2 racers have been won by a single entrant, then a 3rd race will not be required.

Interpretation of Rules 


The Rules and Regulations are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all Premier Events sanctioned events, and, by participating in these events, all competitors are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these Rules and Regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.

The Race Director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

Premier Events reserves the right to refuse anyone entry to any event.